The Most Expensive Carpets in the World

<img src="" alt=""><br><p style="text-align: justify;">Can you believe that a simple rug can cost more than your whole years’ salary? You better believe that beca

Can you believe that a simple rug can cost more than your whole years’ salary? You better believe that because they surely exist. Below is a list of the most expensive carpets in the world, so stay tuned in!

Silk Isfahan Rug

It is the most expensive carpet well-known to the menfolk. It has made record sales of 4.45M US $ (dollars) and originates from Central Persia. It is rare to find due to its outstanding pure silk and density as well as an amazing craftsmanship. This carpet has been ruling out all its competition from the same classification ever since 2008.

Ziegler Mahal Carpet

This type of carpet is the second most expensive and goes for 20 times less compared to the first one. It goes for a price of up to $182,500 and also comes from Central Persia. The rug is not bad at all as much as the difference might seem astonishing. Its various colors and large prints are high on demand by decorators.

Ushak Rug

It is an amazing carpet which is an old rug, but still highly praised and competitive in the market and deserves respect. It has features such as contrast and amazing colors as well as symbolism and stunning designs, which makes many people interested in it. It goes for a price of 158,500 US $.

Mohtashem Kashan Carpet

This amazing piece of art goes for a price of 92,500 US $ and is considered one of the best-ranked grade Kashan carpet from Central Persia. It is from the 19th century. This rug is made of high-quality weaving and craftsmanship.

Portuguese Armorial

As the name suggests, this handmade carpet is from Portugal. The Portuguese Armorial occupies the 5th place in classification and goes for $80,500. The Portuguese Armorial has the beauty of a solitary medallion surrounded by elegant edging with oscillating patterns.

Fereghan Sarouk

This design is one of the perfect favorite examples among collectors. Its price goes for 74,500 US $ and it originates from Central Persia. It consists of three large medals which go downcast towards its dimension and a loose symmetrical glass that makes up an astonishing design.

Tabriz Rug

With the pricing above, this is the least expensive carpet of all. The rug is a pure sample of outmoded Mahi patterns and field colors, and it goes for a price of 74,500 US $. Like most of the carpets, it also originates from Persia. What a bombshell! The turtle shell represented by the design elements in the border was a broadly spread idea in Northwest Persia.

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